Chapter 10 Light
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Chapter 10 Quiz:

1. What is the speed of light? Round it up!


2. What is the illumincance on a table that is 5 m away from a source of light that has a luminous flux of 1275 lm?


3. Which one of these is correct?

a. Red is a secondary color.
b. Light cannor travel in vacumm.
c. Orange is a primary color.
d. Cyan is a secondary color.

(e.g. "a")

4. A box is place 45 cm away from a convex mirror. If the distance from the center of curvature to the mirror is 50 cm, ...

a. what is the focal length?


b. is the virtual image going to be greater or smaller than the box?

("greater", "smaller")

5. Will a concave mirror produce a real image if the object is placed more than one focal length away from the mirror?

("yes", "no")

6. What is the index of refraction in this example?

Index of refraction

7. A box is placed 12 cm away from a convex lens. What is the value of magnification if the focal lenght is 16 cm? (If the value is negative, it means the image is x times greater)

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