Chapter 11
  The Truth There are too many things we don't know...
  The law of conservation charge says that the charge is neither created nor destroyed.

One might say if the charge is neither created nor destroyed, what would have been happened at the beginning of the universe? If this law was true at that time, the charges that existing right now should be existed at that time, too. What is this mean?

The charge of electron is equal to that of proton. But electron is much smaller than proton. Physicists around the world are trying to find out the smallest particles of proton. They are smashing the proton to a wall using neuclear accelarator. Is there some part that contain the charge? The each destroyed single particle should not contain the charge because the charge is neither created nor destroyed. Is there any unknown part that contains the charge? Was there some kind of known substance that has existed since beginning of universe in other forms?

Please feel free to write us you have different ideas of what the charge is and where it comes from. It will help us understand more about physics and it may encorage other people to look for unknown facts.

If you don't mind, we can include your opinions in our tutorial.

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