Chapter 13
  The Current

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Chapter 13 Quiz


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1. The flow of is called the current and it is the rate at which electric charges pass though a conductor.

2. The measures the amount of charge that passes a given point in each second.

3. What is the resistance of a circuit if voltage is 3 V and current is 2 A. (e.g. "1.0") ohm

4. What is the current of a circuit if resistance is 3 ohm and voltage is 15V.


5. What is the voltage of a circuit if resistance is 7 ohm and current is 0.5 A.


6. What is the resistance?

(e.g. "100" or "1100" or "11000")

a). Diode 6 a ohm
b). Diode 6 b ohm
c). Diode 6 c ohm
d). Diode 6 d ohm
e). Diode 6 e ohm


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