Chapter 15

Circuit Applet Help

In Circuit Applet, you have two modes: Design mode and Run mode. You can change mode by clicking at "Design" and "Run" buttons at the bottom of the Applet.

Design Mode:

  • You can add, move, and remove components from circuit.
  • You can add components by clicking at desired components in the toolbar. It takes a little time to load components.
  • You can move components by drag and drop.
  • You can remove components by pressing "del" key or by clicking the "Clear" button.

Run Mode:

  • You can view the properties (voltage, resistance, and current) of components by moving the mouse cursor over them.
  • You can change properties (voltage, resistance, etc) of components by clicking at it.


You can not connect two or more wires "directly".

Correct way to connect wires   Incorrect way to connect wires

If you do, an error message "[name] is not connected properly" appears when you try to run the circuit.

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