Chapter 8 Waves
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Chapter 8 Quiz:

1. The velocity of a wave is 420 m/s. If the frequency of the wave is 85 Hz, what is its wavelength?


2. If a wave with a wavelength of 5.0 m has a 3.0 * 10-3 s period,

a. what is its frequency?


b. what is its velocity?


3. What is the period of a sound wave that has a frequency of 163 Hz?

(e.g. "2.4 * 10E-3") s

4. If a wave with a frequency of 342 Hz and a velocity of 234 m/s is produced...

a. what is its wavelength?


b. how far is the wave after 3.6 s?


5. A traveling wave is produced on a rope. The wave travels until it hits a wall and it is reflected. If the speed of the wave is 1.8 m/s and it takes 10.4 s to reach the origin again, ...

a. how long is this rope?


b. what is the wavelength of the wave if it has a period of 2.1 s?



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